Back Wages (and More!) Paid to Flat Rock Employee for Unpaid Work Hours

A neighbor in Flat Rock, MI, had her rights violated under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) when her employer did not pay her for all the time that she worked. Her employer had an idea about how long the work she did should take and refused to pay her any longer than that amount of time. However, her employer mandated that the work be done. As a result, she was working off the clock to get all of her work done. Her employer knew this and refused to pay her for her time worked. Our neighbor contacted the Law Offices of Bryan Yaldou to collect wages for all the hours that she worked. We were able to get her all of her back wages and extra money since her employer violated the FLSA. Under the FLSA employers must pay all employees for all hours they “suffer or permit” employees to work. Our neighbor stepped up and did not allow her employer to exploit her labor any longer with the help of the Law Offices of Bryan Yaldou.

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