Student Loan Payments Lowered in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Like many young people today, Mandy in Wyandotte paid for college using student loans. She believed the commonly accepted notion that when she graduated, a high-paying, high-quality job would be waiting for her. It wasn’t. When Mandy came to us, she had more than $200,000 of student loan debt and no way to pay it. Student loans cannot be Discharged in bankruptcy, but they can be included in a Chapter 13 Plan and paid back on terms the debtor can afford. Mandy is now paying much less than the minimum payment on her student loans, and they cannot sue or garnish her because she has the protection of the Bankruptcy Code. Mandy’s Chapter 13 bankruptcy is giving her five years of low payments, payments that she can afford, to hopefully find the high-paying job that she hoped college would allow her to obtain.

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