Estate Planning Success Stories

The Law Offices of Bryan Yaldou takes pride in helping families plan for the future in a cost-effective manner. The client stories below illustrate the kind of work we do. Please keep in mind that any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of the situation: we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes we have achieved in past legal matters.

Estate Plan Costs Much Less than Anticipated!

Brownstown residents Leo and Mary came to us with some trepidation. They had been doing internet research and thought they needed a Trust that would cost them thousands of dollars in order to avoid probate, which would cost their heirs tens of thousands. Imagine their relief when we discovered that everything they wanted could be accomplished with a very simple Estate Plan, that they did not need to avoid probate and that the cost of probate was unlikely to exceed a couple thousand dollars – less than they thought they were going to have to pay for the Trust to avoid it! They walked out of our office with an Estate Plan that will care for their heirs in the way they wanted, and a bit of extra money to save up because the legal fee they were afraid of was unnecessary. We do not sell people legal work they don’t need. Some lawyers do, and justify that work by telling their clients horror stories about estate tax, gift tax, generation-skipping gift tax, and probate costs. For the vast majority of people, these costs will be minimal or non-existent.

Estate Plan Protects Kids from Bad Financial Decisions

Bill and Cindy from Newport have two kids that they plan to leave their assets to. They are also avid travelers who fly often and go to parts of the world that some people might politely call “adventurous.” When they came to see us for an estate plan, they knew they wanted to protect their kids from making bad financial decisions, but did not quite know how. We prepared a full estate plan for them, complete with Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney for financial decision-making, and Powers of Attorney for medical care (sometime also called “advance directives” or “living wills”). After more than 100 pages of documents were reviewed, signed, notarized, and witnessed, Bill and Cindy knew who would get their wealth at the time of their passing, how that wealth would be transferred, how it would be protected from creditors, how it would be protected from the kids spending an unfortunate weekend in Las Vegas, who would take care of the kids if the unthinkable should happen sooner rather than later, and who would take care of Bill and Cindy if they should become unable to care for themselves.

$500 Flat Fee Estate Plans for Peace of Mind

Our firm has been successful in providing simple, straight forward estate plans to multiple clients in the Downriver Community, such as Brownstown. Our estate plans are provided for a low, flat fee of $500. Through these simple estate plans, we have been able to give our clients a peace of mind by allowing them to distribute their assets according to their wishes in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

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