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In 2015, Michigan State Police reported a total of 297,023 automobile accidents state-wide. Unfortunately car crashes occur daily and innocent victims are often involved due to another’s lack of care. Auto accidents can be a terrifying experience that can drastically change your life within moments.

Injuries from these accidents vary from minor soft tissue damage to major lifelong injuries which require significant ongoing medical attention. Car accidents can also lead to emotional trauma, costly property damage and, in the most serious of cases, can result in injuries that prevent you from returning to your job.

How Our Car Accident Attorneys Help

Each of these issues resulting from an automobile crash can be financially debilitating. Allow the Law Offices of Bryan Yaldou to act as your advocate and help you recover financial compensation for all your injuries resulting from the accident.

Brownstown lawyer Bryan Yaldou is the experienced attorney who leads our personal injury practice. He has been assisting individuals with their auto accident cases for years. It is important to realize that, regardless of who caused the accident, each individual is entitled to legal representation and you are much more likely to obtain a favorable outcome if you have the assistance of a lawyer.

Have you been injured in Downriver or in the surrounding area? Call our team at the Law Offices of Bryan Yaldou at (734) 307-0766 to request a free initial consultation. We are eager to help you recover all costs related to your accident.

No-Fault Car Accident Law in Michigan

No fault accident law is followed in Michigan. However, no limit has been set on the amount of benefits you may be entitled to receive. This means that if you sustain major injuries that require ongoing medical treatment or surgery, and then you have to complete physical therapy afterward, you will not have a cap on the amount of benefits needed for each stage of treatment.

Potential Claims for Automobile Accidents

Injuries in car accidents vary in severity, however, many do require some amount of recovery time. In the most severe cases, you may need extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation. The Law Offices of Bryan Yaldou has years of experience in handling both simple and complex automobile accident claims, including but not limited to:

  • Multiple Vehicle Pileups
  • T-Bone Collisions
  • Rear-End Accidents
  • Drunk Driving Collisions
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Driver Claims
  • Defective Road Accidents

Our representation is not limited to automobile accidents. We also assist individuals that have been involved in trucking, bicycle/pedestrian accidents, and motorcycle incidents.

Established Auto Accident Lawyers Serving Southeast Michigan: Free Consultation, No Fees Until You Win

Please contact us today to set up your risk free consultation. If you have suffered serious injuries and are unable to make it to our office, we are more than happy to meet you at the hospital or to meet with you from comfort of your own home. Contact us online or call (734) 692-9200. Upon request we are available for weekend appointments at our main office in Brownstown or in one of our satellite offices located in Troy or Southfield.

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