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Have you ever slipped, fallen or tripped on property other than your own and injured yourself? You may be eligible for a personal injury case. In the United States annually, slip and fall injuries amount to more than $60 billion in costs. You may be deserving of some of those costs if you find yourself with medical bills related to your injury.

Our Brownstown personal injury attorneys have been providing personal attention to accident victims for years in Downriver Detroit and throughout Southeast Michigan. We help you determine whether you have a legal case against a property owner or business — and what next steps you should take to get your medical bills paid, along with possible other money damages. Contact us for a free consultation any time.

We charge no fees until you recover compensation. And we are happy to travel to you at home or in the hospital.

When Can You Sue for a Slip and Fall?

Having an accident on the property of another person does not immediately qualify you for a personal injury case in Michigan. To establish liability, certain criteria must be met. Additionally, there are multiple types of incidents that can occur.

Hurt by Slipping on Snow, Ice or Spills

One of the most common accidents is if you trip or slip on ice, snow, spilled water, or any other substance and fall. If this happens, it is essential to obtain a picture of the scene of the incident as soon as possible after you have fallen.

Falling on Stairs

Falling on stairs is another common personal injury. If stairs are built poorly and are not maintained according to code, the likelihood that you may have a case increases drastically. To determine if you have this type of case, you must gather information on the design of the stairs. You should include specifics such as:

  • Handrail design
  • Step height
  • Step depth
  • Condition of the edge of the steps

Injured by Tripping in a Doorway

A third common type of accident is a slip or fall on a threshold. Factors that contribute to this kind of accident are similar to that of a fall on stairs. You must document the nature of the threshold, which includes any lips in the doorway. You should also take note of the presence, or lack thereof, of any posted warning signs.

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After gathering documentation and the specifics about the nature of the scene of the accident, then you will be ready to discuss with an attorney about whether you have a case. The Law Offices of Bryan Yaldou and our team are ready and waiting to hear your story and carefully evaluate your case. Call us at (734) 692-9200 or contact us online to set up your free, no obligation appointment today.

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