Unpaid Wages for Tipped Workers

If an employee spends more than 20% of his or her time conducting untipped work, but is only being paid a tipped wage, then he or she should be paid the full federal minimum wage rate for that untipped work.

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Are You a Server or Bartender Who Spends More Than 20% of Your time Doing Untipped Work, While Only Being Paid the Tipped Minimum Wage?

The tipped wage customarily earned by waitstaff is incredibly low. However, it is legal for tipped employees to receive such a low rate because they are also earning tips. But what happens when you are spending a substantial portion of your time performing work that you are not getting tipped for? Employees in these situations fall into the category of “dual jobs.”

If you are being paid only at the tipped minimum wage but spend more than 20% (or 1/5) of your time doing untipped work — you should be paid the full federal minimum wage rate for that untipped work.

Typical examples of untipped work that servers are often required to do are:

  • Washing dishes
  • Rolling silverware
  • Cleaning the restaurant or kitchen
  • Assisting in food preparation
  • Refilling salt, pepper, and sugar
  • Trash removal
  • Re-setting tables
  • Changing out chalk or marketing materials

If You Are a Dual Jobs Employee Who Has Not Been Properly Paid, You May Be Able to Recover 2x the Amount That Your Employer Owes You!

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